Mandy Ridley is a visual artist whose work includes exhibitions and permanently installed public commissions. Her projects often start with material culture research, using colour, pattern and craft to explore points of resonance between people of differing cultural experience; tracing history, influence and connection.

She has undertaken Residencies in India, and Australia Council funded research into the Islamic Art of Spain, India and Malaysia. Her work has been exhibited nationally since 1996 and is held in Queensland collections, Artbank and privately both in Australia and India.


I travel/ travail: incorporating memories, sensations and encounters into my personal archive. These experiences of people and place continue to inspire and enrich my work, which is very much about the possibility for intimate and meaningful engagement. Creating a work allows a process of translation to occur, rendering a richly layered record of an idiosyncratic lived experience. These processes are also enacted in the work I undertake for commissions in the public domain that require a sensitivity to place, history and culture.


The video below is a short documentary from 2013 by David Ridley about Mandy Ridley's artistic practice and the process behind the artwork Flourish.