Darwin City Waterfront Project, Darwin, Northern Territory, 2008.

Water – swirling, pulsing, forcing gushing; moving people and objects along in its path.
Water – bringing life, setting into motion the cycle of growth and renewal; tides, currents and the unstoppable forces of nature.
Water – bringing people from many lands and cultures to shape contemporary Darwin.

Commissioned for the Darwin City Waterfront Project the artwork depicts the grandeur and power of water. The cycles of nature and the ocean have both been critical in shaping the physical and cultural environment of Darwin through climate and immigration.

This project was produced as a result of working collaboratively with UAP, Urban Art Projects in Brisbane. I wish to acknowledge the support and contribution of Belinda Smith, Lead Designer.

Completed project: Site perspectives and detail

Site photography by Peter Eve, Monsoon Studios, Darwin.

Process: concept development

Process images courtesy of Museum & Gallery of Northern Territory and Mandy Ridley.