Cabbage Tree Creek Bikeway Stage 3: Bridge approach artwork.
Cabbage Tree Creek, Queensland, 2013.

Grade 7 students from Aspley State School contributed drawings of flora and fauna from the Cabbage Tree Creek environment. The drawings demonstrate the idea of relationships and the interdependence of living creatures with each other and their environment. The artist, Mandy Ridley, then combined the drawings, with each student’s personal vision contributing to an integrated depiction of a habitat in balance. The students have depicted creatures found within the Cabbage Tree Creek environs in their artwork, including; Lewin’s Honeyeater, Eastern Water Dragon, Common Crow Butterfly, Monkey Rope Vine (Parsonsia straminea), Graceful Treefrog, Bracken Fern (Pteridium esculentum), Squirrel Glider and Water Bugs.

Top image courtesy Aspley State School.

Conceptualisation: students' drawings and paper cutouts

Panel designs

Process: fabrication & panel assembly

Photography by Mandy Ridley.