Jelly Penguin Walk

A site-specific digital work.
Gadens Lawyers, Brisbane, Queensland, 2008.

Digital print on vinyl.

Installation view and detail

Installation photography by Rod Buchholz.

Artist statement

An invitation to create an installation for an internal stairwell at Gadens Lawyers Brisbane office presented an opportunity to extend and reflect upon my practice.

This work was inspired by the intensely visceral qualities captured by Delhi-based photographer Samit Das, who has revealed a palpable sense of jelly-like gooeyness to the surface of the original artwork. It becomes also a work about translation and relationship.

The original artwork a polypropylene panel, one of many created in Brisbane for the touring exhibition Public / Private: a small token that travels to India. Samit photographs this in Delhi and his imagery is further translated into a digital print for installation in a Brisbane CBD Office building.

The specifics of the site included a highly reflective glass surface added a further layering of interest to the project. The close proximity of the adjacent orange glass wall created an additional element of drama to the design. Installed and captured within the front pane, the work escapes formal confines to dart playfully around the entire stairwell environment. The work becomes a three dimensional object which creates an ever changing environment as the viewer moves through and within the site.

Process: development & installation

Above: Documentation image from Public Private – a small token, panel 7 (Detail), laser-cut polypropylene, 2005. Photograph by Samit Das.

Top right: Installation planning sketch – front panels and along side wall.

Right: Installation planning sketch – Rear panels and around outer side wall.