Lake Orr Spinning Fish

Delfin Lend Lease Public Art Commission, Lake Orr, Varsity Lakes, Queensland, 2004.

Industrial paint over Aluminium. Marine Bearing to allow rotation with the prevailing winds.
Three forms, each 900 x 1500mm approx atop piles.

A free standing three-piece sculpture installed atop piles at the edge of Lake Orr. These fish are a local species, sand whiting, and are conceived as lyrical creatures of the air and water. The pieces are patterned and constructed in a way that suggests folk embroidery, drawing from a variety of sources around the globe.

The local area inspires the palette. The colours selected refer to the creams, gold and rich reds of grasses found on the site, combined with the stronger blue greens of the hills seen in the distance. Areas of unpainted aluminium exposed to emphasise the metallic surface, gleam like fish scales.

Installed in a triangular formation, with varying heights and orientations to create maximum visual interest, the pieces work together in response to the prevailing breezes to create a fantastic moving sculpture.

Completed project: Site perspectives and detail

Process: fabrication & installation

Photography by Mandy Ridley.