Re-Picturing the feminine: new and hybrid realities in the art world – A survey of Indian and Australian contemporary female artists

Group exhibition, curated by Marnie Dean, Gallery OED, Kochi.
14 December 2012 – 10 January 2013.

MR 2012, ink drawing on archival paper, 560 x 760mm.
Top exhibition photo and above documentation image by Graham Crouch.

Artist statement

These drawings explore my own processing of becoming, re-picturing self within a global community. Over the last year, for the first time, I have chosen to explicitly reference people from my own life in my work. These autobiographical works chart the changes in my sense of self both as a woman and an artist. The drawings start with pleasure in mark making and gather their inspiration in scraps of imagery from my own archives amassed over years.

Other drawings from the series include portraits of friends. These works return to a theme of my practice, which is how are we connected globally and what possibilities are there for a meaningful engagement, a reciprocity and generousness of spirit, for growth, dialogue and relationship.

Exhibition works & install

Above left: fragile fortress, ink drawing on archival paper, 560 x 380mm.
Top right: MR 2005, ink drawing on archival paper, 560 x 760mm.
Bottom right: Artists during install.

Photos by Mandy Ridley.