Year 11 Art Incursion

Yarram Secondary College Year 11 Students incursion with Gippsland Art Gallery, November 2012.
Website article by Robyn Knight, 26 Nov 2012.

Transcript also available at

Our Year 11 Art students were recently visited by Louise VanKuyk from the Gippsland Art Gallery. The aim of the day was to create a temporary Site Specific Installation around the topic of Cultural Identity.

With Louise, the students analysed the work of installation artist Mandy Ridley. The concept of art being temporary was new to many students and it took much discussion for the idea to take hold. The students then toured the school to select a site and brainstormed to come up with ideas. This was really exciting as all students offered ideas and listen to each other to build a single new design. We now knew that we were going to use adhesive vinyl, and the students wanted to use the pixilation of the brick pattern on one of the school walls.

It was a warm day, but everyone worked hard and in unison. The final product was well received by the rest of the school and the learning the students did was phenomenal.

Top photograph by Robyn Knight.